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The Democratic Alliance Loves South Africa Only When it Wins






Johannesburg, Monday, 11 March 2024 - Public Interest SA Dismisses Politically Motivated Calls for US Election Observers in South Africa


Public Interest SA, a non-political, non-profit public benefit organisation dedicated to promoting integrity, transparency, and accountability in South Africa, unequivocally dismisses the politically motivated calls for the dispatch of US election observers to monitor the upcoming national and provincial elections in South Africa.


In a letter addressed to the United States Secretary of State, Honourable Mr Antony Blinken, Public Interest SA refuted the patently misleading information contained in a letter purportedly written by the Democratic Alliance (DA), the official opposition political party in South Africa's National Assembly. The letter from the DA, which circulated on social media, requested various election-related interventions, including the dispatch of US election observers to monitor SA’s forthcoming elections.


Public Interest SA highlighted the established democratic credentials of South Africa, emphasising the nation's consistent conduct of free, fair, and credible elections since the abolition of apartheid. The organisation underscored the role of international election observation in safeguarding the integrity of electoral processes, particularly in nations transitioning to democracy or recovering from conflict.


Furthermore, Public Interest SA addressed the misleading assertions made by the DA in its letter to the US Secretary of State. The organisation meticulously dissected each claim, exposing their lack of evidence and political opportunism. Additionally, Public Interest SA raised concerns about potential geopolitical ramifications and foreign interference in South Africa's democratic processes.


Public Interest SA emphasised the enduring bond between South Africa and the United States, rooted in shared principles of mutual respect, democratic ideals, and the promotion of human rights. The organisation urged the United States to resist patently self-serving, narrow, politically motivated entanglements and disregard the DA's request for what amounts to foreign interference in South Africa's electoral affairs.


In conclusion, Public Interest SA reiterated its commitment to promoting integrity, transparency, and accountability in South Africa's democratic processes and expressed anticipation for a prompt response and action from the United States on this important issue.







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