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Public Interest SA works on various programs and projects to achieve our mission. Our work includes promoting Open Procurement to increase transparency and accountability in public spending. We also advocate for Whistleblowing as an important tool to combat corruption and unethical practices. Additionally, we work on Governance & Ethics to foster a culture of integrity and good governance in both public and private sectors.

We use the moral force of persuasion to spur civic engagement by accentuating and reinforcing positive conduct while spotlighting wrongdoing and demanding public accountability. We work with various stakeholders to address complex economic, cultural, social and environmental challenges, with an ambition to help transform and energise public participation by planting new seeds of dialogue, ethical citizenship, engagement, collaboration, and conscientiousness within communities. 

Governance & Ethics

Empowering Integrity, Fostering Accountability: Join the Whistleblower Guardian Project

Key Features:

- Amplifying Compliance

- Educational Townhouses

- Pledge of Whistleblower Guardianship

- Ethics Training Programs

Join Us:

Together, let's create a world where integrity is not just a word but a way of doing business. Join the Corporate Whistleblower Guardian Project and be a catalyst for positive change.

Public Accountability

Public accountability is a crucial facet of a well-functioning society. It involves holding individuals, organisations, and governments responsible for their actions and decisions. Public accountability plays a vital role in addressing issues related to governance, public services, and decision-making, ultimately contributing to our mission of making the world a better place through ethical practices and civic engagement.

Open Procurement

We believe that Open Procurement is essential for fair and transparent use of public funds. We work with government agencies and other stakeholders to promote open and competitive bidding processes, as well as to increase public access to procurement information.


Fostering Ethical Citizenship

Justitia Goddess


Promoting Transparency, Accountability and Integrity

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