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Public Interest SA Condemns Threats to Independent Electoral Commission by Former President Jacob Zuma


Public Interest SA Condemns Threats to Independent Electoral Commission by Former President Jacob Zuma

Johannesburg, 2 June 2024 – Public Interest SA is appalled by the outright threats made to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) by disgraced felon and former President Jacob Zuma, who now leads the MK Party. In his address to the media last night, Zuma and his party, a veritable coalition of the venal, declared it would be “provoking [them]” for the IEC to proceed with its plans to announce the results of the election after he complained about unspecified “serious issues.” Zuma announced that his party has objected to the election outcomes, yet he failed to provide any specific reasons during his statement.

While section 55(5) of the Electoral Act provides that: “An objector or other party involved in the objection and who feels aggrieved by the decision of the Commission, may appeal to the Electoral Court in the prescribed manner,” section 55(7) explicitly states: “The result of an election is not suspended pending the decision of the Electoral Court.”

The Act further enjoins the IEC to make “the determination and declaration of the result of an election within seven days after the voting day.” Should the IEC, using its own discretion, be unable to determine and declare the result of an election within the stipulated period, the IEC is further enjoined to apply to the Electoral Court for an extension of that period.

While Zuma, the MK Party, and the motley crew of disgruntled parties that joined him for his announcement, have a right to challenge the outcome of the elections through lawful means, ominous threats by the constitutional delinquent to cause “trouble” must be taken seriously and rejected by all who advocate for the rule of law and the supremacy of the South African Constitution.

Zuma's reckless utterances and volatile temperament only serve to further confirm his unsuitability for any public office.

We call on all democrats to denounce Zuma’s ill-placed threats to “cause trouble” should the IEC elect to proceed with the announcement. The integrity of our electoral process and the principles of our democracy must be upheld without yielding to intimidation or unlawful interference.

Public Interest SA remains steadfast in its commitment to defending the rule of law and ensuring that the voices of South African voters are respected and heard through a transparent and fair electoral process.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Public Interest SA

Bagaetsho Oteng

010 005 5884


About Public Interest SA

Public Interest SA is an accredited 2024 National & Provincial Elections observer dedicated to promoting ethical governance, transparency, and accountability in South Africa. Our mission is to advocate for the public interest and uphold the principles of justice and democracy in our society.



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