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Public Interest SA Accredited as Election Observer for Landmark National and Provincial Elections


Johannesburg, Tuesday, 26 March 2024 - Public Interest SA is delighted to announce its accreditation as an election observer for the highly anticipated national and provincial elections. These forthcoming elections stand as a landmark moment in South Africa's history, marking a pivotal juncture since the inception of constitutional democracy. Against the backdrop of a world in political turmoil, both local and international attention is keenly focused on SA’s upcoming election.

In recognising the commendable efforts of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) throughout the past three decades of democratic governance, Public Interest SA expresses its appreciation for the IEC's steadfast commitment to upholding the principles of free, fair, and credible elections. We have unwavering confidence that the IEC will once again fulfil its constitutional mandate with integrity and excellence. In this spirit, we pledge our dedicated support to advance the IEC's mission.

Public Interest SA urges all registered voters, particularly the youth, to embrace their democratic responsibility by participating in the electoral process on the 29th of May. By exercising this fundamental right, citizens actively contribute to shaping the future of our nation.




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